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ETU-Simulation Bronce 2-Years-Licence

ETU-Simulation is a brand new software solution aimed at professional building services engineers and HVAC specialists designing advanced climate systems using renewable energy. It allows the user to analyse the interplay between the different system components (PV, HP, CHP) in various conditions...

Item number: ESW-ETU-SIMB-V

1.498,00 €


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Basic function
Integrated CAD package
Combines the functionality from the Heat Pump, PV and CHP software tools to provide a total solution for building services engineers and HVAC specialists involved with renewable energy systems
Hourly simulation of a building's thermal behaviour and heating demand based on building characteristics, usage profiles and climate conditions (using the VDI 6007 methodology)
Conventional oil/gas/biomass boilers as a primary or secondary heating system
Buffer storage for heat and/or electricity
Financial calculations including return on investment
An extensive building materials and (renewable energy) equipment database
Data exchange interface with other ETU software tools for e.g. hydraulic balancing of central heating systems, pipework layout and underfloor heating systems