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GetSolar Professional

GetSolar Professional Yearly Licence including Climate Data

Simulation software for solar thermal systems

Item number: ESW-GTS-PROUK-JV

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GetSolar Professional Yearly Licence including Climate Data
Yearly subscription price including updates excl. VAT

Calculation of solar yields and efficiency of a solar thermal system
Project assistant to guide you through the process of entering relevant information
Use of world-wide irradiation data (Meteonorm) to calculate the maximum performance of a collector in-use or the maximum temperature when idle
Various design schemes for heating of domestic water; also supports space heating
Calculation of energy and CO2 savings.
Sizing assistant for solar collectors and buffer tanks.
Sizing of large solar thermal systems for hotels, sports facilities and swimming pools.
Detailed consideration of the volume flow and pressure loss in a collector array, based on a pipework calculation.
Generation of relevant forms e.g. data collection sheet and inspection log