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PV Simulation 3D PLUS Yearly Licence

Manufacturer-independent simulation software for the design and layout of photovoltaic systems.

Item number: ESW-PVS-3DP-V

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PV Simulation 3D PLUS Yearly Licence
Yearly subscription price including updates excl. VAT

• Assistant for quick calculation of electricity yield and profitability
Hourly PV yields simulation based on local solar irradiation data
Integrated CAD package (see details below)
Detailed analysis of roof layout, taking into account irradiation angle and roof lights, as well as shading factors such as dormers and chimneys
Dimensioned PV layout design in 3D building model
Calculation of multiple roof orientations in one project
Catalogue of PV panels and inverters included, aditional modules and inverters can be edited manually
Financial calculations including return on investment, feed-in tariffs and risk analysis
Layout of the PV modules using a digital photo (in connection with the software Photo Survey Professional
Editable usage profiles for the detailed calculation of the self-consumption of electricity
Simulation of a battery storage device
Project reports, bill of materials and Excel-Export of the results
Integrated CAD package (HottCAD):
Fully-featured CAD tool for drawing and visualisation the building
Comprehensive drawing tools make it easy and quick to create 3D building models
Plans can be imported from DWG/DXF, PDF or image files
Roof-drawing tools make it easy to draw complex roofs
Combined 2D/3D interface provides immediate visual confirmation of drawing progress
Materials and constructions catalogues link to integrated U-value calculator
Quick and easy method of assigning constructions to building elements
Performance and usage characteristics easily applied to rooms
Fully configurable room labels
Dimensioned floorplans and sections can be printed or exported as DWG/DXF.
Tabular input:
As an alternative to drawing the building in the HottCAD tool, the relevant building geometry information can be entered manually